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Paladog 2 Game Download For Android 2.1 and higher, we are offering the Paladog 2.2.0 APK file here. The Arcade section of the app store has the game Paladog listed. This is Paladog’s most recent and updated version ( com.Paladog.KorGG ). Downloading and installing it on your mobile device is simple. Use your preferred browser to download the app, then click Install to install it. Don’t forget to allow app installation from unknown sources. High-speed direct download links are available from us. Please be aware that the Paladog 2.2.0 APK installer that we share is the only one that is authentic, free, and clean.

Download Paladog 2 Game

Info Table

Latest Version2.2.0
Size39.1 MB
CategoryArcade, Games

Features of Paladog 2 Game

  • You can freely move the hero around to fight or to support your units.
  • Aura spells that improve your chances of victory in combat
  • Enhance abilities for heroes through evolving talents.
  • 60 different enemy types with different skills
  • 20 mystical items that the hero unit can wear
  • Cute animations and characters that resemble cartoons
  • On the battlefield, there are nine deployable friendly characters.120 stages total, including boss stages, minigames, and wipeout missions Paladog 2 game download

Game Tips

Paladog: Allies in the aura line have strong skills at their disposal.

Dark dog: The Dark Aura series’ adversaries have been addressed.

  • You can simplify challenging steps by switching the weapons or units you employ.
  • After the third wave of the Palladog survival mode, the new hero BT, who unlocked the Dark dog mode event stage, will be unlocked and appear.
  • Palladog and Dark dog shared items, including phoenix feathers, gems, and stone charms.
  • You and your Facebook friends can appreciate the friends’ survival status.

Final Word

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