Is Hajj Compulsory After Umrah | How Long Is Umrah Closed After Hajj 2023?

Hajj is compulsory for those who are financially strong. In Islam, the five pillars are the core beliefs and practices of Islam. These are

  1. “There is only one God Allah and He is the only one to Worship Muhammad SAW is the messenger of God. ” Is the thing on which Islam is based. Kalama Shadada.
  2. Prayer that is five times salah
  3. Alms paying zakat
  4. Fasting in the month of Ramazan
  5. Pilgrimage Hajj

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Here let us know more about performing Hajj. Many people asked, Is hajj compulsory after Umrah? As we all know Hajj is a fard in Islam but it also depends on the fact that you are capable of performing it, that is one should be financially strong. But for one who is not financially strong and can only perform Umrah the expense of performing Umrah is less than performing Hajj. But he has enough he has to perform Hajj.

Is Hajj Compulsory After Umrah?

There are believe of many people that if one performs Umrah that it becomes obligatory for him or her to perform Hajj. This is not true.

Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca and you can visit Mecca for Umrah any time of the year. You can combine Umrah with Hajj which is called Umrat al Tammatu or you can do Hajj independently which is called al-Umrat al mufradah.

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Hajj becomes obligatory for those who have the capabilities and resources enough to perform Hajj but in case the person is not financially strong to perform Hajj that it is not obligatory for that person to perform Hajj.

How Long Is Umrah Closed After Hajj 2023?

Is Hajj Compulsory After Umrah How Long Is Umrah Closed After Hajj 2023

Umrah is a minor Hajj, and the best time to perform Umrah is during the month of Ramadan or you can perform Hajj at any time of the year except for the time of Hajj.

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Performing Umrah is subject to the rules and regulations that are implemented by the Saudi Government. the latest News regarding Umrah is the government of Saudi announced that Umrah is allowed and pilgrims are to enter from the international airports in the country. Before, pilgrims are only allowed to land and depart from the country from Jeddah and Madina.

The age requirement for Umrah is 5 years however children should be accompanied by their parents and should have a certificate that they do not come in contact with Covid 19.

If you want to perform an Umrah Umrah Visa is required.

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Foreign pilgrims may apply for either the Umrah visa or the Umrah e-visa to embark on the religious journey.

Which Months Is Umrah Closed?

It is believed that Hajj will start on June 26, 2023. The 30 of Shawwal will be the last date you can go for Umrah approximately 4 weeks before the actual Arafat day which falls on the 20th of May. They will then open 4 weeks later, 20th of July approximately.

Umrah Vaccination Requirement 2023?

Umrah vaccine requirements- Saudi government restricts pilgrims to perform the Umrah without proof of vaccination upon arrival in the country.

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The approved vaccines are:

For Umrah visa holders vaccinated with vaccines other than the ones mentioned above, quarantine may be mandatory.

Apart from the above-mentioned vaccine, there are a few other vaccines that are required by the Saudi government.

Yellow Fever vaccine, Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine, Polio vaccine, Seasonal Flu Shot.

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