Hot Air Balloon APK 36.1

Hot Air Balloon APK 36.1 Take to the skies in vibrant hot air balloons to battle alien ships. Sidestep ran into anything that could cause the air balloon to deflate immediately. The Hot Air Balloon Game offers this type of gameplay. With this game, you can play an action-packed game where you must steer obstacles and pierce down foes. The main objective in this situation is to defeat enemies while piloting a hot air balloon through the air Hot Air Balloon APK 36.1.

Download Hot Air Balloon APK 36.1

Assume opponent airships in the sky by playing the Hot Air Balloon game APK. Move around moving objects that will pop your balloon, shoot, or get shot.

Info Table

Last version36.1
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
DeveloperInn Technology

The Greatest Game of Air Balloons

According to history, the first air balloon was launched into the sky in 1782. But since then, hot air balloon aviation has made many breakthroughs. The employment of balloons in warfare is the single thing that has never happened. However, this occurs in Hot Air Balloon’s arcade gameplay. You’ll start an intriguing aerial battle here in an airship. As soon as the game begins, you’ll notice how the simple animations give it a more arcade-like feel rather than a simulation.

Play the game “endless runner,” which is in the air now. Play an excellent action game right away by downloading the Android version. Target the enemy’s airships and mercilessly shoot them. If you don’t shoot them down, they’ll fire all they have at you, and you’ll lose the game. You were playing this game using only one finger to tap and drag, making learning simple. You risk losing the air balloon if you crash into moving objects! Be alert to drive movable obstacles and explosives thrown in your direction.

The Hot Air Balloon Game’s Features

This fantastic game has engaging gameplay that will interest you for many hours. Here are a few characteristics that set it out as one of the best and most straightforward arcade games.

> Take Your Airship to War, Inflatable

  • Launch your hot air balloon and engage your adversaries in aerial combat. While you won’t necessarily control the air balloon’s flight, you will steer it in the right or left direction. Be careful not to run into the obstacles that will move quickly as you go through more complex game levels. You can get a limitless amount of money and points for each accomplished assignment.
  • The gameplay’s most outstanding feature is that you can blast the adversaries while avoiding their missiles at the same time. You earn more points and money the more enemy airships you destroy. Although the game’s environment isn’t the most beautiful we’ve ever seen, the gameplay is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling! Be the last airship in the sky by downloading Hot Air Balloon for Android!

> Uncomplicated One-Touch Controls.

Without a doubt, even in real life, ballooning has never been this easy! To control the balloon in this game, you must swipe the screen to the right or left. Additionally, shooting the enemy will only require a single press on the net. Keep your balloon moving while taking out as many foes as possible.

> Take On Opponents.

He won’t just be in control of a balloon and flying around in this game. They will be required to engage in a deadly shootout with some opponents while using missiles and bombs. You will have enough time to savor the game’s fundamental mechanics even though the action is not too challenging to handle.

> Different Levels.

The game offers a variety of levels with differing hardships. Plan your approach to construct sure you succeed at every level.

> Unlimited Money.

You will gain points and cash by removing every enemy airship from the sky and finishing the level


Final Word

Players of any age can play this game because of its simple controls. By switching the screen to the right or left direction, it is simple to control the direction of the air balloon. Remember that there are numerous barriers and that the adversaries will be shooting at you. As a result, to live at every level, you must be alert and doge all of these goods. You can unlock the game’s numerous game levels by completing earlier stages. Try to earn the highest score and the top spot on the leaderboards by downloading the game right away.

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