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 Increase your kitchen vocabulary in English.

You can learn Basic English kitchen vocabulary. 

Get ready to build your vocabulary.

 Watch utensils for kitchen in English. You can also test your kitchen vocabulary. 

English utensils which are related to kitchen, these words are commonly used in our daily life.

Name of kitchen items in English.
Here are 55 things which are used in kitchen, Learn in English. 

Apron, Bread Basket, Teapot, Measuring Cup, Baking tray, Spice Containers, Chopping board, Frying pan, Grater, Salad spinner, Napkin, Oven glove, Plate, Bowl, Measuring spoons, Wooden spoon, Spoon, Strainer, Spatula, Mesh skimmer, Ladle, Saucepan, Cooker, Fork, Cutlery, Cake slicer, Rolling pin, Rolling board, Whisk, Tongs, Tea strainer, Knife, Butter knife, Lemon squeezer, Baking paper, Mug, Cup, Blander, Milk pot, Sospan, Washbasin, Pastel and mortar, Griddle, Stove, Spice box, Cooling rack, Matchbox, Peeler, Juicer, Microwave oven, Jar,

Watch utensils for kitchen in English. 

Here is a video of youtube from the Aaliya Tv channel.

Miss Aaliya from Aaliya tv is describe the English kitchen vocabulary with pictures.

Watch video

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